Max Brenner ★ Kangaroo Cup Gift Set


Honour the close, long-lasting bond between coffee and chocolate with this Kangaroo Cup Gift Set filled with the essentials for creating the ultimate cappuccino at home.

The ultimate coffee cup with a chocolate melting pouch. Max’s Kangaroo Cup was specially designed for our cappuccino and honours the close, long-lasting relationship between coffee and chocolate. Lick the chocolate from the pocket to keep your inner child alive forever!



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Max’s Graffiti Chocolate Box is filled with:

2 x Kangaroo Cups: the ultimate coffee cup with a chocolate melting pouch

Kangaroo Cubes: milk chocolate cubes (100g)

Max’s Coffee Beans: Max Brenner coffee blend is made of 100% Arabica beans at medium roast level resulting in full-bodied flavour with caramel hints & a distinct chocolate finish (200g)

Milk Chocolate Bar: milk chocolate bar with caramel pieces and sea salt (100g)



Each item is carefully assembled, and the gift is accentuated with a hand-tied decorative ribbon. A free card is included with your personal message or greeting.


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