These exceptional products will be appreciated by the gourmet connoisseur,  which makes this gift range the perfect way to express your enthusiastic congratulations, sincere best wishes or heartfelt thanks to customers and colleagues, family and friends.  Ideal for a housewarming gift, thank you gift or any occasion in mind.

Gift Hamper Contains:

Chandon Non Vintage Brut 750ml: A classic in Australian sparkling. Well loved and a firm favourite by those who love a bit of bubble in their glass. Quality has always been a constant with Chandon Brut and has become a benchmark for every other Australian sparkling to aspire to. Fresh, vibrant and always reliable, Chandon Brut should be enjoyed with seafood or as a part of any celebration.

Black Flavoured Truffle Olive Oil in “Gold” Bottle (200ml). Truffle oil is a finishing oil not a cooking oil food. Truffle oil is more of a flavouring or seasoning (that gives a burst of flavor) and should only be used lightly on your foods and dishes. The best use for truffle oil is drizzle over foods. Experiment by adding a little truffle oil to some of your favourite dishes.

Pink Himalayan salt spangled with gold dust will beautifully accompany dishes such as foir gras, meat and fish dishes, salads, sauces….

Gold Peppercorns. Absolutely gorgeous and delightful to use in a range of dishes – Meat, fish, sauces… It will elevate your dishes to new heights with a unique sparkling touch!

Organic Mustard Dried Tomato and Smoked Spices Mustard. Will perfectly accompany dishes such as red and white meats, (roast and pork tenderloins, chicken…) and seasoning salads, mayonnaise, sauces and pasta.

Gold Mustard – White Truffle Flavour with Olive Oil: Mustard with gold dust, scented with fragrant white truffle. Made with the finest ingredients, this superb Gold mustard and white truffle flavour will beautifully accompany an array of dishes from meats to mixed salads. Truffle flavour and gold mustard will be impress your guests, and look great on your festive table.

Trentham Tucker Macadamia Crispbread. Lavish Italian style crispbread, handmade using the finest quality natural ingredients.

Trentham Tucker Panforte Cake. Delicious Italian style Siena Panforte Cake are handmade using the finest quality natural ingredients. Ideal for afternoon tea, shared with friends or as a ‘pick me up’ anytime!

Gluten Free Ogilvie Beetroot Relish. Ogilvie & Co’s Roasted Beetroot & Balsamic Relish blends the earthy flavours of beetroot with aged balsamic and select spices to make a superb relish that is unforgettable. A perfect addition to gourmet sandwiches, you can also try it alongside grilled meats, or with goats cheese and fresh chervil in a savoury tart. A spring salad of mixed leaves, fresh mint and persian fetta will be lifted to new heights with a spoonful of this addictive relish to finish

Gluten Free Ogilvie Antipasto Olives. A medley of whole green, kalamata and stuffed olives infused in a garlic and herb oil. Try serving warmed with a fresh sourdough as a simple starter, or use as part of an antipasto platter.

Port Willunga Salted Pistachios Snack Pack: These exquisite nuts are grown near Saddleworth in the dry mid north of South Australia , they are roasted and lightly salted for your enjoyment.

Morgan & Albert’s Brewer’s Blend – spiced cashews, almonds & macadamias: Good things should be savoured. Relaxing at home with a beverage of choice in hand, or with close friends at a dinner party.


Presentation: Each item is carefully assembled, and the gift is accentuated with a hand-tied decorative ribbon. A free card is included with your personal message or greeting.


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